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I've created the Flora Generator, created 100 or so Carnivores and a couple of Concept designs for two that came straight to mind.

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I've completed the creation of the first version of Myworld's Flora Generator - it's pretty good. I've done 20 flora with it so far. Some are "highly Poisonous, Very addictive and Emotion:Ectasy" whilst some are "Highly Magical, anti-venom and Fattening". The generator covers colour of the bulb, stem and flower, taste, smell, effects, maturity growth, size and seeds per year.
Other than that, I've done 100 or so Carnivores aswell as a concept design for one or two of the creatures as they came springing to my mind.

The generators use strings (words) that i've come up with over time, and spit them out randomly, giving me a choice of what the creature or plant should, could or would be. With the basic idea written down, I can call upon them for graphical, historical or item-creation use.
For example, a "Healing Herb" would be called Blah-blah, with the ability to hasten wound healing, but has the side effect of being addictive and inciting depression. The herb tastes very sour but smells sickening.


Sounds sweet, any chance you'll let us download it? :)

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Azkanan Author

Sure. It *is* only a text generator, though. I'll add it to Downloads when I get around to it.

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