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The Pentastar Alignment Military exists solely out of high quality soldiers with high moral and a strong sense of loyalty and duty to their worlds, they know they fight for not just the Pentastar Alignment, but also their homes.

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The Pentastar Alignment Enforcers Corps, exists solely out of high quality soldiers with high moral and a strong sense of loyalty and duty to their worlds, they know they fight for not just the Pentastar Alignment, but also their homes.

Most infantry corpses, armored units and starships are made by Supreme Commander Jester's design or by old designs he scavenged such as the blueprints of several old famous Star Destroyers, but also the Raptors that have passed into legend once their master, Zsinj, was defeated.

All united under the banner of the Pentastar Alignment!


The Raptors were found by the Imperial Warlord Zsinj a long time ago. They were formed to keep the peace in his Empire as well as replace normal Stormtroopers and now they do so once more, they strike fear into the hearts of their enemy and demand respect from the people they safeguard. Their weapons and armor are of quality but still cheap enough to be made in numbers large enough for the Raptor Corps.

=Guardian Commandos=

The Guardian Commandos are the replacements of the Special Operations troopers of the New Galactic Empire. Guardian Commandos are equally effective in most scenarios except those that require rapid movement, they are meant to dig in and stay. Hurt the enemy severely with heavy ordnance and execute dangerous missions.


The Light Assault Vehicle/repulsorlift QH-7 Chariot, LAVr, QH-7 or simply Chariot. Is a fast repulsorlift vehicle designed to ferry troops around and provide some on the spot support. Its not too heavily armored so sending it against true armored units is a bad idea, but it does stand its own with shields as well as some plating.
The Chariot carries anti-infantry and anti-armor weapons, as well missiles.

=Century Tank=

The Century tank or TIE Crawler, resembled a TIE starfighter cockpit suspended between two massive tank treads. It could hold only a single person, who acted as pilot and gunner.
The tank had a pair of medium blaster cannons in the familiar "chin" mounts found on most TIE cockpits. Suspended below the cockpit ball was a retractable light turbolaser which provided the tank with considerable firepower.
It is also quite tough but has clear weaknesses.


The All Terrain-Anti-Air or AT-AA, had four stubby legs and lizard-like locomotion, along with a low profile not seen in other Imperial walkers. On most models, the only weapon was a turreted flak pod, capable of firing several types of ordnance. Other versions could be equipped with one or three rocket-launching tubes. Initially the AT-AA had an inability to fire at ground targets. This was partially rectified with the addition of gun ports to allow the crew to fend off infantry attacks.


The Self-Propelled Medium Artillery or SPMA-T model, was fitted with a long-range, variable trajectory turbolaser cannon, and due to its modular design, it could, like its heavier predecessor, be deployed with specific payloads for different missions. It was generally faster and more nimble than the SPHA-T. Most of the walkers were also equipped with 12 light anti-infantry blasters that emerged from the ventral surface of the vehicle when in use.


The All Terrain Armored Heavy Transport was a walker in service with Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire and the Empire-in-exile that opposed it.
The walker was an improvement on the older AT-AT, with better armor for the head and main chassis as well as guns mounted on the passenger-section, above and to each side of the cockpit.

=TIE/D automated starfighter=

The TIE/D automated starfighter took the standard TIE series command pod with twin ion engines and twin laser cannons, additional armor plating and rectangular wing panels with adjustable pitch were added. Despite their heavier armor, they could actually reach a higher atmospheric speed than the TIE/In interceptors—overall, they were fast, small, and very expendable and cheap.

The starfighter had rectangular solar arrays with a movable wing servo to fuel the power generator. Instead of a living pilot, the craft was equipped with a Cybot Galactica Ace-6 droid brain. The 10-kilogram unit allowed Sienar Fleet Systems to increase the TIE/D's shielding.

=TIE/rpt starfighter=

Like all TIE series craft, the Raptor had a spherical cockpit with an octagonal forward window, but rather than the usual large wings on either side, it had four short fins protruding directly from the cockpit assembly at right angles to one another. Although not as fast as a TIE Interceptor, it was as maneuverable as an A-wing, and heavily armed, with four laser cannons and two concussion missile tubes. A few prototypes were also equipped with shields.

=Theta-class T-2c shuttle=

The Cygnus Spaceworks Theta-class T-2c shuttle was a tri-winged personnel transport craft, most often used by influential senators, officers, and courtiers to travel between planets and starships while maintaining high levels of security.

=Vigil-class Corvette=

The Vigil-class corvette contained some weapons at the dorsal area of the ship, as well as a large dish. It was intended to be a heavy corvette for escort, reconnaissance, and utility duties of the Galactic Empire. Today a modern version still serve the Imperial Fleets and perform admirably against lighter vessels and starfighters.

=Vindicator-class Frigate=

25 light turbolasers, 20 light quad turbolasers, 10 point-defense laser cannons, 20 light point-defense ion cannons, and 3 tractor beam projectors make the Vindicator exactly what Supreme Commander Jester wants in an all-purpose offensive ship.

=Spadha-class Cruiser=

The Spadha is a newly designed vessel for the Pentastar Alignment, it carries a medium complement of weapons so that it can serve as a Frigate when needed but its main weapon is its railgun that fires a long range round that can damage enemy vessels extensively, it cannot however use both at the same time.

=Secutor-class Carrier=

The Secutor is a large, well armored ship with strong shielding along with a very extensive hangar it can deploy a large amount of Strikecraft in moments.
It has little weapons to speak of which is why its such a pain to take out, it should however not be expected to fight on the frontline.

=Allegiance-class Capital Ship=

The Allegiance-class was similar in appearance to the Imperial-class Star Destroyer. However, these battlecruisers lacked a ventral hangar bay. The terraces surrounding the bridge tower were far smoother than those on the smaller Imperial-class, with better armor coverage and less exposure of the inter-plate surfaces. The T-shaped command tower was put in full view of enemy vessels, and was similar in design to the modular KDY command towers. Likewise, it also contained armament in a similar layout to the Imperial-class Star Destroyers, albeit slightly more accounting for its bigger size.

=Praetor Mark II-class Star Dreadnought=

Considered the largest battlecruiser design known, the Praetor Mark II possessed a dagger shape, similar to other prominent warships in the Imperial Navy. The battlecruiser model possessed at least 90 weapons systems, including various spherical turrets on the ventral and trench areas of the ship. In addition, it also possessed a hull and deflector shield thick and strong enough to repel conventional TIE fighter blaster bolts.

The Praetor Mark II possessed a triangular-shaped ventral docking bay, which was only slightly larger than the docking bay of an Imperial-class Star Destroyer. The ship class can also be modified with Corellian technology to implement a makeshift cage if on missions to deliver live specimens for Imperial use.

Ori`verda Author

I'm a bit jealous of your units Jester, despite making them.
They are just that awesome!

Why did I have to make the ME/PA be peaceful? Wish I could see the Enforcer Corps in action.

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