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FLAC is a server Op/Anti cheat program For Freelancer..In the Past this was a program that you could only get if you paid for it. Well things have Changed and it is now Free to Server ops that meet the guidelines listed below...

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FLAC Lives and is Under NEW Management.

FLAC stands for Freelancer Anticheat, but this program does so much more.
Created by Eagle, FLAC has been used on many servers over the years.
Thanks to the generosity of Eagle, FLAC is now FREE for use (thats right FREE,but he will still gladly accept donations).

To gain Board Access to the private forum, register at and and email the application at the bottom of the forum.
You must be an active server operator, references from other operators are encouraged.
Dwnundr and Soupman of the FLC Freelancer Community site have been selected by Eagle to Maintain the FLAC site and protect and maintain the Source code for further development.

FLAC offers flexibility with a GUI (Graphical User Interface) and plugins (which can be added to future builds). You can run Ioncross beside it if you like (not in full control).
The UnderVerse uses Ioncross for extra Console messages, stats processing and clearing overlimit cargoholds.

It is not compatible with 64 bit OS's or FLHook
Specific Server/Client modifications are necessary, read the forums.
There are many mod ini additions that can enchance your mod (like mounting groups etc). To get acces to FLAC you will have to sign up on the Forum
and send an email to with the following information:
Login name on the FLAC forum.
Server name and ip.
Background info on your server and yourself.
Hosting experience and/or references from other freelancer hosters if any.
If you allready have access, you can click here to continue to the FLAC board sections.

Freelancer Anti Cheat (FLAC) is a server side application capable of protecting against all sorts of cheats. Many cheats/mods won't work anymore while others are simply rendered useless. Next to anti cheat this tool also allows server operators to add many new features to their mods which would otherwise be unavailable to them.
Feature list

•The most advanced anti cheat available anywhere.
•In game commands for players and admins.
•Plug-in support, ability to add your own functionality giving you the full power of what FLAC can do.
•Player cloaking features which are 100% secure, it is in no way possible to use any sort of cloak cheats to your advantage making cloaking a viable and fun addition to any server.
•Variable cruise speeds, different ships can fly at different cruise speeds.
•Advanced ship mounts, allowing equipment to be restricted to specific groups of ships regardless of mount type, increasing the game's moddability tremendously.
•Base and Jump gate/hole locking, groups of ships can be set to be unable to dock certain places where others can.
•Support for dynamic economy, allowing you to setup your custom economy or use a commonly available plug-in to do so instead.
•Player dockable ships, making it possible for players to dock for instance battleships piloted by other players who can then fly you all over the galaxy.
•Dynamic cargo pods, large freighters can be setup to have destructible pods which are automatically attached when hauling cargo and when shot will cause you to lose cargo and possibly incur a piracy penalty as well.
•Proper mooring, audio states mooring rather than docking and ships moor and cast off facing the fixtures without the need to modify the original game files so npc's will still be able to moor as usual as well.
•No PvP zones, you can specify area's where player damage is switched off below a specific rank.
•Regenerative armor upgrades can be modded and used on for instance nomad ships to make them regenerate hull just like shields would.

History Development of FLAC started back in early 2003 and the application first saw light of day on the Eagle Utopia server on July 1st of that year, which was the day that server was launched. FLAC started out as a private tool to protect against server crashes and other instabilities Freelancer servers suffered in those days. Due to the success of this tool and requests from outside it was later made suitable to run on a variety of servers out there and made available to other server operators. Many of the anti cheat features within FLAC are proprietary and kept from the general public. This was done deliberaty to prevent possible leaks from being exploited.

These days FLAC covers all the important cheats known, and caused development to take a new direction in recent years where focus has been to improve on Freelancer's moddability.
To date, FLAC still holds the best track record of stopping cold cheats on both unmodded (vanilla) and a large variety of modded servers out there! Availability Our software is not publically available, and was in the past only Available if purchased.
Free copies are now provided to experienced server operators and their affiliates.

you must meet the server operator guidelines posted above to recieve the program. we look forward to bringing server Ops new Functions and Program support well into the future.

thanks for your Time in reading this.
[RIP]Soupman & [RIP]Dwnundr

Update: a New Banner Plugin has been released , it can be downloaded From the EFS site in the FLAC section..

UPDATE: Sep 10th 2016 We are in the process of removing the registration requirement and fixing a few issues. once done FLAC will be avail to all FL server operators

CKYRules - - 2,470 comments

Hey. Brilliant work on FLAC. I love it and all the extra features you can instill into freelancer with it. I love that you can now dock at players battleships. But one thing i would like to see would be the ability to store your own fighter, gunboat, transport, etc on your battleship. And the ability to be able to, park your BS in orbit of a planet or something then take your docked ship planet side. Just a suggestion. Ive talked to a few players on in NSU and they all agreed that would be a nice addon.

Best Regards,


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masternerdguy - - 528 comments

about bloody time

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RIP-Soupman Author
RIP-Soupman - - 71 comments

the new FLAC is out and avail to those registered and approved in the FLAC group on eagles site

New in this release:

DMZ has done major upgrades! FLAC now works with all versions of Windows and both 32 and 64 bit OS's. He has removed the registration requirement so the KeyGen is no longer required. FLAC is now run directly from the file rather than being installed as a program.

this meets the goal we set for ourselves a long time ago when we took over the code ....good luck and have fun

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Whisper928 - - 4 comments

Whisper likes this.

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BL-Alienware - - 2 comments

What about LAN server?

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