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System created many objects on some events, but never destroy it! On my ultra old machine there was o HUGE FPS drop, something about 50%! Maybe this will not visible too much, but your pixel ship don't response well to input. I finally found that little bastards who kills FPS, now everything (especially controls) fells more smooth.

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There is also a new thing that will probably make game more enjoyable.

- particles optimization
- blue enemy size changed
- no more button mashing for shooting (thanks laughing Frogs)
- some new voices, for example now you know when your fire power are level up because nice girl will told you about this
- audio mission briefing ;-)
- bullet time preparation changed to something about 10 seconds
- volume tweaks
- amazing (really) optimization, now game runs almost fine on Pentium 4
- new exe (SF9000Tv0.54B-Higraphics.exe) with much more particles (better visuals), but this will require better machine, Pentium 4 its not a good option

I'm not sure about blue enemies. They move so fast over time, but title "unholy-retro-techno-sexy-hard-as-hell-neon-space shooter with amazing Perturbator (used with permision) music!" says everything. I think ;-)

And please remember that everything are in early stage of developing.

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