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Why does everything i paste from word go crazy for the layout? Oh well.

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I'm back in business! My computer has been fixed and I can really start working on
code and mapping again.

Anyway, I just put up an image of one of the
guns in the mod - The Steyr ACR. The screenshot is very incomplete and looks
2D, but in a few days I will put up the finished model.

also been busy making some test maps, which I have been using to tweak gameplay
mechanics, such as weapon accuracy and damage. I'm also using the experience to
learn about enemy ai control and using logic_choreographed's and
scripted_sequence's, an area in which I have very little experience as I have
mostly done MP maps in the past.

I just
began making a quick demo of one of the locations in the mod. It involves
driving a car through grass-covered hills to reach a farm, while avoiding soldiers.
One at the farm, you have to hold off a siege with a finale involving the jet I
made before. I will put it in a video and put it up soon. That will probably be
in a few weeks.

I know I said there would be story in the next post, but I've been very busy,
and not been able to put the story onto a word document. I have written it
down, so I might scan the pages sometime and let people try to decipher my
writing. The story is not written as a traditional script, because I'm not very
good at that. Instead it's written as a novel (Who knows? If the mod falls
through I could publish a book...). Anyway, that should be coming soon as well,
so that's good I guess. Anyway, I guess that's all for now. Damn, seven more
words. Now three. Ok. Done.

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The layout is not my fault!!!

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