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Remi provides information about the development and future of BGF.

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Hello everyone! You can call me Remi.

I'm the developer of BGF, a store management game where you play as a lonely player searching for love in an MMORPG. You're tired of being lonely. You need to buy a gf. You need to buy all the gfs. Start a shop, earn a good reputation, maximize profits and efficiency. This is your journey. Your journey to buy all the gfs.

Your shop sells items of all sorts that you, or your workers, craft and farm from areas within the simulated MMORPG world. It's your job to strategically assign your workers to different tasks, creating the most efficient supply chain for your store. Purchase upgrades such as mounts for quicker journeys. Expand your store, and become a connoisseur of the "buying of gfs".

The world, down to it's areas, players, items, and even crafting recipes, are all procedural generated - resulting in a unique and different gameplay experience every time.

The art, sound, and code is all me! For now. So please forgive the ugly programmer art. It'll definitely be replaced before release.

I also post updates frequently in the Discord.

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