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First update and apologies for long delay (needs more text)

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G'day, This is Trogdor.

Sorry, that there has been no news whatsoever. School had basically taken over my life for the past couple of months and this short period of freedom is only going to last another couple of days before I go back to school after ANZAC Day.

Now, onto business. This may be SLIGHTLY illegal, but I will post some episodes of Torchwood up in the next few days. Don't ask me when because I'm fairly unreliable. Just trust me in saying that this group will not be dying, but I may be offline for a long while because of School (trust me, I want to pass this year).
Peace out



Illegal.... i don't like that...

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It's only a model


In all serious, you might get in trouble for posting the episodes dude.

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They will delete this group if you post such highly questionable materials.
(Of course the original comment is 09, prob. came to his senses...)

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