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First teaser trailer for COTCW and recruitment details.

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For all sort of reasons, it wasn’t possible to show a trailer for the release of the demo but there is one now. Check it out in the "videos" section.

And although I said in the previous entry of this blog that I’m looking for collaborators, I didn’t specify for which positions. So here are the details:

Character Designer: you’ll be in charge of giving an aspect to every character which appears in the game, even briefly; although I use simple portraits in the demo, I’d like for the characters pics to be busts, and preferably with different facial expressions and body posings to match different circumstances and emotions.

Proof Reader/Grammar Nazi: although I do my best to provide a satisfying english, this language is not my native one and there’s very probably far much more faults in the various dialogs than it should, so any help will be immensely appreciated.

PR Guy: you know, the guy who will do the sort of things that I’m doing right now –i.e. keeping the followers in touch, in here but also on FB and Twitter as well as on the official devblog of course, and RMN too…

As for the reward of all your efforts, I can’t unfortunately promise anything because it will all depend of the incomes the game will regenerate: if it is none, then… but let’s think there will be some so don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss the details.


That didn't look anything at all like other images in the gallery.

Not my kind of game at all.

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