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This game will be my take on the RTS genre, it will be 'real time' but with limited moves per time limit, which allows a deeper focus on strategy.

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My definition of Quasi-RTS: A mix between a true RTS and a turn based game like Civilization. Players will build up 'move points/gold' through their army selection and resources, but will only be able to max out to a certain level. These replenish over time, forcing a player to make wise decisions ahead of time. I also get frustrated with true RTS games, as kids with worse strategy than me but faster fingers can often take me :) That's the nice thing about being a developer, you set the rules. (=

I also wanted something that could be played on iPad/Linux/Mac, so I picked up Unity and designing a whole new game library in C#.
While the artwork is not even 1% done, the game itself is well under way, and should have a majority of the backend complete the next month or two. This is just a quick demonstration of what can be accomplished in a few months:

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