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Title says it all. Intense questions will be asked and frightening answers will be answered.

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Q1:WHO ARE YOU!? *JC Denton voice*

A1: Call me, Freemanisdead.

Q2:Is this your first mod? Will it be crappy?

A2: Yes, it is my first mod. But I promise you it won't be a undetailed, NPC spamming, poorly textured, and crappy mod :).

Q3: When will this mod release?

A3: Not soon.

Q4: When will this mod start development?

A4: Soon, but remember THIS IS MY FIRST MOD, and i'm trying to make it good, but (obviously) not perfect.

Q5: Do you have a steam account?

A5: Yes, I do, it's called HenryFreeman, you can friend me, but I may not accept it.

Q6:I checked your steam profile and you have a save series that is called Another World, is it going to be the same as the save series?

A6: NO NO! I will do original mapping, they will take place in the same settings, but I will not make it look like a ripoff of a modders or mappers hard work. The storyline will be 20% the same and 80% different.

Q7: Why is it sliced in Episodes and how many episodes will there be?

A7: The reason why it's sliced in Episodes is a reason I don't want to spoil. But there will be only two episodes.


A8: Yes, now die xdddd.

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