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Evaluating direction options and time to make choices.

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At the beginning of the project, even if the first intention was to create a cowboy duel game, the issue about the theme was asked to us. Indeed, the gameplay mecanics offered many representations possible: submarin fight, knight duel with spears, wizard duel or even something more conceptual like abstract geometries.

First gameplay protoype with Flex Framework

Since JR has arrived on the project, with his motivaton, the far west way is wide open. But a new question appears : Western cartoon ambiance or something more serious ? We've been long hesitant about the art direction to adopt. The answer came while projecting into the gameplay itself. The game is based on the stress of the duel on the player and we feared the humouristic design to attenuate this essential effect. Then the choice of an art direction with more mature graphics fits better with the profoundness of the gameplay.

Early concept cartoon design

And now as promised the first animation test !

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