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We are working on a smooth destructible terrain engine. Since we have to show off many new features every week now, we decided to extend our publicity range and post regular updates here on IndieDB.

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This is probably the first update you see about this game, so here is a short summary of what it's about. You will find more information, screenshots, and technical details on our blog.

We are working on a game engine featuring smooth destructible voxel terrain. You can think of this as "Minecraft without blocks". Here is some video footage:

From now on, we will post weekly updates here on IndieDB. We will start right now; here are the weekly updates #5 from our blog:

  • Philip implemented dynamic level of detail for the terrain. The terrain now renders at a huge view distance with about ~100k vertices per frame. He also refactored the terrain system to support sharp edges. Check out these screenshots; even the boxes are actually part of the voxel terrain. The wobbly artifacts on the edges will be fixed when Marcus is done with his procedural function system.
  • Marcus worked on range predictions for the procedural function systems. When finished, this will speed up the terrain generation by magnitudes. He also implemented analytical derivation of the procedural functions, providing us with reliable normals for the terrain.
  • Kersten started working on a sophisticated particle system. We hope to soon be able to give you the cool explosions you asked for.
  • Lukas worked on physics interaction and the scripting API.

It See Really Good , Tracking ;)

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