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No one asked for it, but still there it is, the first playable of Sheep-Hit is out!

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Sheepladies and sheeplemen,
The Sheep-Team is proud to present you, in this beautiful day of 16 of march, the first playable of our game. Play it here or play it on Facebook.

It took us longer than we had expected, but we believe that a release should be done only when the game is ready do be released.
That's what we think about this first version of Sheep-Hit. We added what we think is the minimal for players to be able to test it, have fun and give us feedback.

Heres two or three things you need to know:

  1. Controls : WASD (QWERT keyboard) or ZQSD(AZERTY keyboard), Left Shift, Left Control, Spacebar and left mouse.
  2. Goal: kill the traitor sheep. Hint: he's different from the rest of the sheep.
  3. Finish the game by leaving the (vast) farm. A message should appear.

Now that you know everything there is to know about this first playable, please tell us what you think about it. Specially tells us if the idea you had of the game is what you find playing it, it would greatly help us.


Heh, great way of getting it out to folks, facebook was a smart one!
Where is the traitor sheep? Cause I don't see any sheep that are different.

EDIT: I killed loads of sheep, tried to run off the map and received the win message(?) would be nice with indicator that you've killed the traitor.

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duarteroso Author

Thanks for playing our game!
You should try inside the farm ;)

This version was just a first playable. Meaning that lots of things will change, making the game clear for player who don't even know what the mission is (to kill a traitor).
But that will come in time :)

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