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This is the first patch.Fixes,more add-ons,you name it! Grab it now and keep posting bugs and suggestions please!

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-Increased starting ammo for PTRS from 45 to 55.
-Increased player hurtsound volume which is mixed into ptrs firesound.
-Added cvar for british garand usage.ONLY if the player selects a(scoped) garand,the british AI will have it,too.
-Reworked sprinting,you now have to use the meleebutton instead of the usebutton.Running with anti-tank weapons and heavy machineguns(mg42/30cal)has been disabled.You also cannot run with two of the heavier weapons in your inventory(ex.kar98k+mp44/garand+bar,etc.).
-Upgraded the hdm pistol to be a heavier damaging pistol(hollow point bullets).Also swapped hdm and colt45 in the combat options menu.
-Fixed G_FindConfigstringsIndex: overflow (797) error.This is linked to the mortar strike effects.
-Added cvar for cancelling panzerschreck,panzerfaust and bazooka usage.
-Fixed bomb not plantable on tank at Eastyorks level.
-Same as with the us troops,when selecting a garand as british starting weapon,garand launcher nades will be added.
-More tweaking/fixing of ai scripts and uniforms,not 100% sathisfied,yet but its starting to look pretty good.
-Received a fixed version of the DP28 worldmodel and Kar98k Sniper now uses the correct models,thanks Green Beret!
-Added ptrs and panzerfaust(panzerfaust AT-cvarrred)to russian AI.
-Slightly increased pistol starting ammo,for pistol lovers.
-Added mortar support for the tank levels.
-Fixed Demolition menu picture and a small spelling error in the mission select menu.
-Added Angoville level(final D-Day level).
-Added Radio Base level,after the hill400 defend level level.In principle,I wanted it after Touffreville but the brit normandy level select menu was filled to the max.
Originally,the creator made it to be set in france but I moved it to the hill400 menu...
-Added Luftwaffe troops to radiobase level,they are using fg42`s(therefor,added fg42 scoped and unscoped).
-Leningrad now is the final russian mission.
-Fixed grenade danger icon,it showed an incorrect danger radius.
-Decreased rifle grenade damage radius a little bit.
-In defector mode,the greasegun malfunctioned,fixed.
-Headless winterguys,I presume,fixed,keep looking out for them!
-Increased mortar strikes damage radius a little bit.
-Germans in levels before 1943 only use panzerfausts,if enabled.
-Added(a bit of an ugly)german nade launcher icon.
-Decreased the heavy mg tracer effect a little bit as I had a report of a pc lagging up a bit.
-Decreased the 30cal turret damage a little bit as it was not equal to the portable 30cal.
-Increased DP28 starting ammo a little bit(1 magazine extra).
-Some more things I might have forgotten to mention...-Also I am sorry to inform you that I still havent fixed the Leningrad level ending.Still,will not give up on it,though!-Posted a guide for the hunk error under summaries,on this mods page.
-Posted a tutorial for mortar strike usage under downloads,on this mods page.

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