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With the completion of our first official map, open BETA is one step closer! A big thank you to our handful of watchers!!!

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I finished tiling and polishing a map earlier this week, but due to some errors between indieDB and charter communications, I haven't been able to pop on and show you guys! 3 screenshots are immediately available to view on our media page though! The map is called wave_Urban, a wave-based survival map set in a small burb of a city just outside of the Whitwood Mall ( the mall the main campaign will take place in). Players are spawned into a small park in the center of a slew of industrial buildings and apartment complexes. In the nooks and crannies between these buildings, zombies will lurk out and attack the players who leave the safe haven of the park. The catch is, heavy weaponry is littered among the buildings for players to find! There are also very few restorative items littered about the map, so deciding who gets to heal up between waves becomes something of a frantic scramble!

In totally awesome news, Zombie Grinder will be featured (if all goes as planned) at the Mojang Mecca that is MineCon, in November at the lovely Mandalay Bay! They opened up developers to register their games for display as well as a brief talk on game development as a whole. While I'm only doing graphics for this game, I have been a hobbyist game developer for about 12 years, so I should be able to run my mouth a bit about dev in general! So if you're going to MineCon, keep an eye out for me in the Exhibition hall! ( I really do hope it's just a hall way, I'm not much of a public speaker! )

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