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First "News-Post" about Creawo. Showing a Video of the actual Status.

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Soe yeah... the first "News" about this Game. I posted this mainly because the Video Uploader of Indie DB had some Qualityproblems with my Videos.^^ (maybe a bad Video-Format)

The generator finally has Cave-Generation. There are still a few Problems with "transporting" the Cave from Chunk to Chunk. But in most of the Cases, it works quite well. The Basic Items with different Ores are also implemented into this game. TNT has a better optimized "exploding-Code" and the Water get a "dummy-Physics" This isn't the final Version of the Water Physics. It was only implemented to Test some Physic-Scripts of the Waterfields.

I think I will post new Videos only in the News, not in the VideoSection of IndieDB. I'm new on this Site, so esxcuse me if i make some mistakes in the Posting (some Fields with incorrect information,etc...)

Hope you enjoy this video. :)

hasaosan - - 74 comments

i wanna be the first one to say it so its out of the way...

oommmmmmmmmfffffffffffffggggggggg U lIkE ToTaLy StOle ThIs FrOm MiNeCrAft!!!!!!!n abcb ajk im so ****** nowwwww ghaaaaaaaaa ur such a thiefffff /losernerdrage!

jkjk lookes nice :D keep up the good work

tho plz make a char creation so we can makes colored blobs :D i want a black blob with red eyes ^-^

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DevLewa Author
DevLewa - - 87 comments

thx for this "nice" comment. XD
As i said you will be able to change the Textures in the Game. This also applies to the Main-Character,Items,etc... ^^

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Posho - - 85 comments

I know it is like Minecraft... But there are thousands of Minecraft rip offs!
Minecraft has become officially a game genre, you know?

Anyways, I like this one, I'm following and can't wait for updates :)

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