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Finally - we have a website up, and we've established a moddb profile, we have a design set, and are ready to start work on the mod any time now. It feels good - as we've been working behind the scenes trying to get the background story perfected and all our ideas down for the past month.

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Finally - we have a website up, and we've established a moddb profile, we have a design set, and are ready to start work on the mod any time now. It feels good - as we've been working behind the scenes trying to get the background story perfected and all our ideas down for the past month. We are looking for modders in all fields. Preferrably people with good attitudes and a healthy work ethic. All skill-levels are welcome. PM me, or email me at majorpest(at)

And since there is no room to place this in the overview, here is the background story, which can also be found in its original form in the Design Document, found at our webpage.
We will be publishing monthly chapters once we get our proper site up and going. Enjoy :)

(Dates Pending) - Sovereign Dawn Background Story

The year is 2040, mankind is more prosperous than ever before. A “utopian society” that will give us hope for the distant future is at hand, but for the success of this society, one thing is required: the resources to build it. As the modern-world has already integrated technology into every aspect of daily life, it demands more and more from society to sustain the comforts of a technological life, and even more for the next step.
As all of mankind is nears its “paradise“, Humanities “Achilles-Heel” surfaces, as it has in the past, destroying Empires, and decimating economies. Greed…untamed, unlimited and ravaging greed.

With their history of wastefulness, all parties realize that there will never be enough resources for all…likely not enough for two parties.
On September 16th 2042, China, Russia and North-Korea merge into a new world-power: the Confederate Union of Soviet Republics (CUSR). Europe trembles in fear, and Asia and the Middle-East know their last hour has just struck.
Europe unites faster then ever thought possible, it officially forms on August 5th 2043. Main goal: Defend its boundaries, secure its interests and acquire new resources via diplomatic and/or military-force in near-by Africa/Middle-East. The name of this new symbol of unity: Federation of European Military Stability (FEMS), it’s more technologically advanced then CUSR but not by much, nor does its population compare, though it is far superior to the U.S.A in both population size and “available manpower” when deemed necessary to use it.

As the U.S. watches from afar, it fears this 'New World Order' and is worried about an impending invasion of its own territory, but above all an invasion of its Northern neighbour, and economic partner: Canada. Canada holds large amounts of natural resources, a “Gold Mine” of resources, capable of sustaining the ever growing society of North America.
An invasion of Canada by CUSR would be of enormous strategic-value and an instant threat to the U.S.A. With strong diplomatic-persuasion, and motivated by a common fear, Canada is forced into a pact with the U.S.A. The NATP is born, it's technologically more advanced than the CUSR but has comparably less manpower.
NATP tries to develop ties with the European FEMS, but is deeply wounded by its blunt diplomatic response. The FEMS clearly states it is in no way interested in joining its former allies, nothing will make them risk a further de-stabilization of the world and on top of that it suspects the NATP to “plunder” its resources, and inhibit its cause.
Shocked, disappointed and harshly confronted with reality, the NATP gathers its resources and begins a massive invasion of Mexico and Venezuela. Mexico is taken only for its strategic value, denying any possible enemy the ability insert from the south into the NATP-territory, Venezuela on the contrary is occupied purely for its massive oil-reserves as it is the world's 5th largest oil supplier.

The FEMS has by now overthrown the governments of Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea and is draining its resources to fuel it‘s massive mobilization, and further its cause. Harsh dictatorial “puppet” regimes, analogue to the old 'colonial'-regimes are installed by the FEMS to run these new “colonies”. Any resistance is quashed by swift, and violent punishments, often causing innocent civilian casualties.The military presence mostly consists of 'mercenaries'...soldiers, officers, pilots, and vehicle crews for hire. They are ruthless, and obey any command as long as they are paid. They do their jobs well, obtaining what they want through fear. The local population are scared into cooperation. Disobeying may very well result in death.

On March 3rd the CUSR starts its invasion of Asia and the Middle-East. Within days Japan, Vietnam, South-Korea, and many other Asian countries are occupied by combined Chinese and North-Korean CUSR-forces.
Russian forces invade Afghanistan and Iraq without the slightest trouble, Iran is destabilized and Israel is in the cross-hairs.
Israel has a few tricks up it's sleeve, it jams all CUSR-communications and manages to send a code-cable to the NATP and FEMS. Both parties begin the biggest 'evacuation and rescue'-operation in modern history. But is this operation purely out of sympathy for the Israeli-people? No... anything but. The Israeli government has promised to give all its military-technology and manpower to both organizations, as long as they save as many Israeli-citizens as possible.
Israel presents itself as the “catalyst“ in the first confrontation between the three parties. In the complete chaos even “Mammoth-tankers“, the worlds biggest ships, are used to evacuate the Israeli-people. The Palestinians, and any other country with nothing to offer is left alone... to die at the hands of the CUSR. Still hundreds of thousands of Israeli citizens die, and out of necessity thousands of Israeli soldiers join the Mercenary-armies. Bewildered, vengeful and highly-trained military men are now active in the Mercenary business. Loyal to anyone whose name is on their pay-check. If someone offers a better deal...they work for them.

By now its March 19th of 2045, 16 days after the start of the CUSR-invasions and the world has plunged into pure havoc. The Middle-East is a place of terrorism and rebellion against the CUSR. Taking a page from the history books of Afghanistan in the 1980s, the Russians employ the old tactics of their past, anyone disobeying will pay a hefty price. Anyone suspected of terrorism or any other negative CUSR activity is publicly executed, as is their family. Those promoting free speech are jailed and subjected to appalling conditions. Decapitation, electrocution, starvation and severe beatings are common in this region. Within 2 years all rebellions and acts of terrorism are wiped out by the CUSR, as is 5% of the total civilian population that lived in the region prior to the occupation.

In the year 2047, the NATP and FEMS simultaneously develop anti-gravity equipment and vehicles. Mostly thanks to 'rescued' Israeli-scientists. This new technology (the majority of which uses magnetic-fields) is sensitive but effective. But by 2049 the CUSR also manage to develop anti-gravity technology.
On 2 December 2054 the CUSR sends a message to the FEMS, officially claiming Poland, Czech Republic, Yugoslavia, Hungary and Romania to be part of the 'Greater CUSR-area' and wishes to annex this areas immediately. A simple and short message is sent from the FEMS: "Never".
On the 20th of December 2054, the CUSR starts the invasion of FEMS-territory. Finland, Turkey and many other FEMS-members are subject to this invasion. On the 21st of December the NATP tries one last attempt of diplomacy towards the FEMS, the deal is simple. The NATP wishes assimilate the area of Greenland (Denmark) to create a world-wide 'Satellite Network' against modern ICBM technologies.
The intelligence collection wing of CUSR much like the former-KGB manages to acquire this information and effectively alters it into the perfect scheme.
The FEMS now receives a 'tip' that the NATP wishes to invade Greenland, with CUSR on one side and the NATP on the other, the European FEMS only has one choice - strike back as hard as possible.

The European FEMS launches its first two Long Range Ballistic 'Hydrogen' Weapons, the first to hit Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It strikes devastatingly wiping out 677,834 people at once. The other weapon is rendered for Murmansk, Russia. It effectively destroys this very important naval-base and city with 308,100 inhabitants, not one soul survives the detonation.
Within 48 hours North America opened its silos for the first time in decades, the primed cold fusion powered ICBM nuclear weapons were launched at exactly 4:35:23:07 mountain time on Dec. 7th, a day that will live in infamy for two reasons, the start of a great war and the end of civilization as we know it.
Targets are more or less picked at random to cause as much damage as possible. Though the targets are quite simply picked: the capitals of every major FEMS-member as well as any major city of the CUSR are hit.

Over 10 missiles are launched towards the European FEMS, even though all parties have anti-missile systems not all can be stopped.

London, England: 533,097 deaths.
Amsterdam, the Netherlands: Missed, missile destroyed by anti-missile system.
Brussels, Belgium: 10,459 deaths, missile course was altered by anti-missile system.
Berlin, Germany: 1,654,983 deaths
Paris, France: 788,912 deaths
Rome, Italy: 20,937, missile course altered by anti-missile system.
Madrid, Spain: Missed, missile diverted and destroyed by anti-missile system.
Stockholm, Sweden: 234,472 deaths
Warsaw, Poland: No survivors.

18 missiles were targeted for the CUSR-area, including the Middle-East:

Moscow, Russia: 3,469,301 deaths
Shanghai, China: 498,344 deaths
Hong-Kong, China: Missed, missile error
Beijing, China: Missed, destroyed by anti-missile system.
Baghdad, Iraq: No survivors.
Jerusalem, former Israel: 358,612 deaths
Pyongyang, North-Korea: No survivors
Tokyo, Japan: 789,417 deaths

Of course this enabled the NATP to be a target themselves:

Los Angeles, USA: 5,588,317 deaths
New York City, USA: 1,324,792 deaths, missile course altered by anti-missile system
Mexico-City, Mexico: 324,837 deaths
Toronto, Canada: 450,794 deaths
Ottawa, Canada: Missed, course altered and destroyed by anti-missile system.
Houston, USA: 10,311, missile error.
Washington DC, USA: No survivors
Calgary, Canada: No survivors
Phoenix, USA: No survivors
Montreal, Canada: 1,312,416 deaths

The rest of the world “neutral” to the will of the parties is almost completely destroyed, to avoid the enemy from occupying these areas.
Most survivors flee to one of the parties and yet again hundreds of thousands of men, boys and remnants of armies join the mercenary forces. The mercenaries are freely available though they are known to have little sympathy for the CUSR due to the large amount of Israeli/Jewish-mercenaries. But, above all…whoever pays most, is boss.
Most of the world's urban-areas are now destroyed and a total war is now waging across the globe, what started as a struggle to gain access to a self-made paradise, has now become a struggle to purely survive. The battle isn‘t over…it's time to take revenge and build back once again what was destroyed.

Therefore, whoever wishes for peace, let him prepare for war.
"Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum." - Vegetius.

North-American Treaty Pact (NATP) (U.S.A. and Canada)
Federation of European Military Stability (FEMS) (European Union Members)
Confederate Union of Soviet Republics (CUSR) (Russia, China and occupied territory)
"Mercenaries" (Independent party with no specific side, they work purely for profit)

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