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This was the battle of korriban. Special thanks to Avenger for writing the battle so i could put them in our archives.

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Republic- High General Avenger's Flag ship, 300 Hammer Head Cruisers, 700 Blockade Runners, Countless fighters and Bombers, almost a million republic soldiers, hundreds of jedi, 40 E.M.P. ships.
Sith- Over 400 Leviathan class ships, multiple Golan Space Stations, around 65 Ravager class capital ships, countless sith buzzards, countless sith and soldiers.Thrawn's forces- Countless frigates and star destroyers, along with Thrawn's capital ship/weapon, countless fighters.


Unconclusive victory, the destruction of the sith defences around Korriban, forced retreat for the republic, alliance between the Sith and Thrawn.The Battle:

In an effort to take the homeworld of the sith, Korriban, the republic made a bold move, to first sabatoge the ships and space stations gaurding Korriban. The attempt to nuke the suface failed because the strike team was compromised and slain. The second attempt made by the republic was to send elite commandos to pose as sith troops and sabatoge the ships and stations when the bulk of the Republic fleet arrived to engage the forces above Korriban and eventualy to raze the planet itself. When the Republic fleet arrived at Korriban, the Republic Comandos already sabatoged the sith forces there. The Republic detonated their emps (at a safe distance) and disabled the Golan stations. The republic fleet quikly mopped up any remains of the sith over Korriban and began to bombard the planetary shield to allow for the planet to be razed. Before the planetary shields could be destroyed, Admiral Thrawn and his fleet appeared in front of the Republic Fleet, thrawn's weapon destroyed numerous republic ships. Thrawn imediately began sending boarding parties to board a few Republic Cruisers and Avenger's flagship. The boarding parties that boarded Avenger's flagship were quickly gased but for the other Cruisers that were boarded, they were routed to collide with Thrawn's forces. Seeing that victory is only possible with more bloodshed, Avenger calls the battle over and retreats his entire force back to Coruscant.Casualties:

Republic- Over 50 HammerHeads destroyed, over 200 Blockade Runners destroyed, countless fighters and bombers destroyed, thousands of soldiers killed, hundreds of Jedi killed, and two emp ships destroyed.
Sith- All space forces over Korriban destroyed

Thrawn- Over 100 Star Destroyers and Frigates destroyed along with countless fighters.

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