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Testing the implementation of model in game with full normal and specular map shaders, with ingame video.

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Here you are! Finally got the model in game working OK. I am NOT an animator hence the animations are wonky. I used Swann's animation and it did not really turn out the way I want it.... so I am looking out for a kickass animator!

Thor meet Gundam, Gundam meet Thor:

Sorry for the bad quality video, will for sure post a nicer one next time!

Currently we are a two man show, I have a very talented web designer working with me and our website will be up soon. We are looking for the following 3 positions:

-Galaxy Editor Guru/Mapper
-2d/3d Artist

If interested to join the project, feel free to contact me with some of your past work. Next update? Hint: Zeon.

Verendus - - 184 comments

That looks pretty awesome! Just the animations need to be changed :P

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Paxton - - 394 comments

That's pretty kickass! Keep going, this is gon' be awesome.

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Bluedrake42 - - 574 comments

those animations are kindof weird O.O haha

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Deuce_Savage - - 2,585 comments

Create new bizzare, weirdo Monstro Zerg units please!

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sgtteris - - 303 comments

Looks absolutely sick...Awesome job so far.

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Mkilbride - - 2,785 comments

It's a start.

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Platinawings - - 11 comments

Now I'm consider buying SC2.
awesome video! @_@
Will there a infantry units too? Like in the MS igloo.
ps:Zeon? Then the next update must be a ZAKU II! yay!

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Sharkz - - 131 comments

<3 it so far. Hope to feature it more in the future!

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majin83 - - 4 comments

Very curious. I do hope that there will be more than just gundams involved. The basic units like GM1, GM Command, Gundam ground type are also gems to try to add. On the zeon side...well, there are so many awesome possibilities :D
I am curious what you are going to do with the other sides. I remember the old gundam mod which had terrans and protoss altered to be EA and Zeon. Something similar will happen i gather?

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