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well, I hope it'll work, but i've been wrong in the past... (not often though ;])

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Ok, I've come up with a mod idea. it's a very simple mod, but might take a bit of work. i would like to create a realistic, physically accurate water mod. for example, putting a prop under it acctually causes the water to part, and ripples etc will move props, and possibly some sort of optional tidal system for RPG mods (it goes in and out in the night/day cycle) it will be the code, materials needed and things, and a showcase map, with a large pool, waterfall and a deep well, aswell as props.

the features it will (probably) have are:

NO LAGGING! it will hopefully be as stable as it can be!
A toggleable tidal system
Downloadable code for use in other mods (as long as credit is given where needed)
Showcase map with a waterfall, a large pool, a deep well, a small river, underground water systems, a VERY small village with working sewer system, props and prop spawning (such as a sewage spawner in the village houses (spawns props small enough to fit in the toilets)) and perhaps a rain button, with realistic rain that can fill up the lakes etc (but properly) but it will drain automatically or something.
and lots of applications in future mods I hope!

Yes, I know, it'll take a HELL of a lot of coding, but in the the end i think it'll be worth it. I'm not quite the man to do it, but if I get together a strong enough team, I think we might be able to pull it off. if allowed by the source engine of course (I wouldn't know, i'm not very source-wise)



Some of that can be achieved with Particle-based Soft Body Physics.

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