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Version 1.2.1 is now here! This patch contains a variety of fixes, some of which are game breaking.

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Fixed Ashfield bug when coming out of the sewers.

Fixed Xaladin glitch at the end of time.

Fixed teleporter leading you to no-where glitch.

Fixed Elder bug if you didn't use the sword on the orc.

Pirates in Ack-bar now continue with their drinks rather then aimlessly looking at you.

Castle 51 guard now stops saying welcome continously.

Fixed mana text glitch when talking to The King.

Removed Spiders from Ashfield's Sewer.

Clearence guard no longer keeps walking after showing your identity.

Castle 51 crystal's now have the correct flags enabled.

Fixed bug where Surge's name didn't display when he was talking to Trilly.

Fixed shadows bug which allowed Asher to walk on tables.

A big thank you to everyone whose voted for me so far!

- Toimia

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