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We hosted the very first Chuunin Exams on Shinobi Story! Only 5 Genin were promoted for their performance in the exams!

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The long-awaited Chuunin Exams was held today on Shinobi Story! This was a landmark event which saw our highest online player count that we're had to date! The first stage was more of an orientation which saw contestants pay their entry fee, and answer a moral question: "Would you kill 10 people to save the life of 1?". The players who answered in the affirmative were seated on one side of the room, while those who answered "no" had a seat on the other- effectively dividing the room in two.

Once all of the players were seated, we informed them that the people they are sitting with based on their answer will be the teammate they will be entering the Forest of Death stage with! This was done to throw people off and scramble their plans, as now they had to enter the survival round with a total stranger!

The Forest of Death Stage ---

The second exam consisted of an ever-moving forest filled with huge snakes, swooping hawks, spiders, crocodiles, and monstrous cobras- amongst other scary things! The Giant Forest Snakes were constantly moving throughout, and if players stood around idle for too long, Giant Cobras would strike!

The rules were: anything goes, and the players knew it! After letting the groups in one at a time, the stage begun! It was a 30 minute deathmatch Hunger games style! Out of the groups, only 7 people remained..

The Leaf Arena Stage ---

All players who could make it gathered to spectate the final 1v1 Deathmatches! Contestants were paired with people similar to their level so they would be on a semi-even playing field & it showed! Most of the matches were great, with notable characters being: Tsukihime and Nari, who received special praise by the Hokage who was judging the battles for their notable skills and tactics in combat!

At the end, the Chuunin Exams was attacked by Dagahara, the Demon of the Forest, who was summoned into the arena by an unlikely foe... If you wish to see the full event and the surprise at the end, you will need to watch our Twitch Vod, where we recorded the whole event -- WATCH THE FULL EVENT NOW!

See ya in-game!

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