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The first encounter with the survivors that live under the prison.

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Picture of the Base

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*Cinematic Mode*

Falling through the floor and into a pit of zombies/ skulls and the screen goes black.
The screen fades into the environment slowly and reveals a woman stearing at you while squinting her eyes.

*boom boom*

Gunshots in the background as she looks away from the player and begins to yell something to someone or something behind you.
The player is pulled away very fast and the game fades out and loads the next chapter.

*Disable Cinematic Mode*

*Disable Free movement (using a camera to look around)

Waking up in a room, you take a look around and notice that the player is lying on a bed with a bandage on your leg. Looking up the player spots a man sitting on a chair reading something off a piece of paper.

Spotting the player, the man grabs a walkey-talkey, pushes the button and speaks:

"He's awake"

Putting the radio down, the man puts down the piece of paper and stands up.

"You alright mate?" Asks the stranger as the player stands up

*Enable free movement*

"You took a pretty nasty fall, lucky we found you when we did or you would be toast."

"Sharp's no medic but she did manage to patch up all the cuts you had".
"I'm Josh by the way, I'm sort of the house manufacturer here."

A door opens and another guy walks in

"Sharp wants to see you Josh, and bring him" Demands the man as he points at the player.

"Thanks " Reply's Josh as he looks at the player.

Will steps out of the room and walks off, as Josh walks over to the door.

"Sharp is our leader. She's been down here for around 6 months and makes sure we don't fuck up, using her words exactly."

Walking down a small corridor then walking up some stairs you come up to a door.
Typing in a pin code, the screen flash's red.

"Damnit... " Josh mumbles

Waving at a camera the door opens.

Walking a little bit further you see a different man standing infront of a door leaning on the wall with his arms crossed.

"We call this place the "insert base name here", it's falling apart as you can tell, although we are managing to expand the base yet trying our best to keep as much secured as possible in case the "insert enemy name here" does a search of the area." Explains Josh

Using a card, he slides it on another pad which makes a door open.

Continuing down a corridor you come up to a door which Josh stands infront of and he turns around and faces the player.

"Now i realize that you haven't said anything, but if you do, don't piss Sharp off or she will kick your ass and throw you out of the "insert base name here" in seconds, literally."

Turning around he walks through the door and you see a woman standing at a desk looking at blue prints, looking up she spots you then quickly looks at Josh.

"You called? josh asks

"Do you remember if we managed to clear this sector? Asks Sharp as she points to a part on the map.

"No, we came across a few problems as we were heading over there." Replys Josh

"Alright well we will talk about this later, NOW!" Looking at the player, Sharp takes a big sigh
"Whats the story with Gerry over there?" Asks Sharp

"He'll survive, Doesn't talk much at all but..."

Sharp raises her hand to shush Josh.
Looking at the player for a few seconds, she turns back to Josh.

"Why don't you take him over to section 12 and get him to give you a hand clearing it, lets see how good he is with a weapon. now clear off."

Leaving the room Josh looks at the player.

"Alright lets grab you a weapon"

The player follows Josh as the door closes behind.

Walking down the corridor past the door and opening the last door with a card. Josh comes up to the guy you came up to last time.

"Sup Will" Josh greets

"Wanna suit Gerry here up with some gear?"

"Sure thing" Will reply's walking back into the door labeled Armory.

Will walks up to a cubboard, he opens it up and steps back.
Player picks up weapons and looks around look.

Josh and the player walk out of the room and head back the way they came.


Nice work, especially with making me such a badass, very realistic man.

Seriously though good work =P

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