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Hello! I'm Vendela and Blombarn is my upcoming iPad-Children's book, in this post you can find my very first prototyp for Blombarn and read about my thoughts about my work-process.

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Hello!! I have just started working with my Children's book Blombarn, a saga that have been in my thoughts for a long time; an idea that I've been nursing and now making into reality.

When working with my own art-rpojekt I'm very accurate and I really like to take my time, adding extra emotions to my alsters. I love perfection, and often work in secrecy, keeping my art for myself until is ready to be shown. But with Blombarn I will actually update more than I usually do, documet the process as much as possible. A work-process that you are very welcome to follow and comment.

Check out the first prototyp for Blombarn:

I really love the music that Kim Gunnarsson( made for me, very surrealistic, it really adding some sensation to the atmosphere. As you can see the animation for Brother (as the boy currently is called ) isn't perfect yet, but i'm working on it, and he will have a shadow as well, so don't worry.

Now I'm off to continue my work on a new scene for Blombarn; The Attic.

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