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Things have been quiet due to the holiday, but we are still making progress.

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First of all I'd like to say I hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday. I wound up drunk as a skunk with a graffiti'd forehead courtesy of my friends.

The opening script for FIREWIND is nearing completion, and I'll be sending everyone a copy as soon as I am satisfied with it. After that we can all make alterations and decide what needs to change as a team. I can tell everyone that it will be a rather action packed start to the game, and we are going to begin in the comfort of a UGC Outpost on the planet Kallindor which is a hostile environment for UGC forces due to the high level of support the planetary natives have for the High Knights of the Divine. This area will serve as the demo and first chapter of our mod simultaneously.

Dan is home, and we're going to crack down on some coding later on this week. I'd like to implement the visual effects of health decline and work on the overall GUI.

I feel I owe it to you all to make clear the goals for this first release. Obviously EVERYTHING can not be integrated into the mod before the very first teaser release, so here is what I have found reasonable:

-We will have environmental weapons and traps, such as the ability to shoot down rails and have them fall on and crush enemies.

-We will have the commerce system figured out. Buying and selling weapons at the very least, ships may not come for 4 or 5 releases.

-At least 3 different types of guns for the player to use

-Several very intense firefights with squad combat. Squads will not really be any more complex than what Valve laid out in HL2

I may update this entry as things come to me that I have forgotten to include, but those are our main goals for the demo release. I would expect the script to be out to you guys within the next 48 hours, so keep your eyes peeled on your inboxes and the development group main page.

In the mean time and in-between time,

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