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The very famous multinational electronics and Videogame Company Nintendo announced some further details about the “Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia”.

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The very famous multinational electronics and Videogame Company Nintendo announced some further details about the “Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia”. This is a new and reimagined version of the previous “Fire Emblem Gaiden”. The game was originally supposed to be released in May, but the company exhibited the game before time. Earlier in January, an announcement was made by company regarding two new features of the game, but now finally we can have a look at these two distinguished features, the most prominent of which is that unlike previous game in which we had to move from mission to mission in a linear sequence, we will be given a world map where we will be able to choose what we want to do next.

The most prominent thing on the world map that you will notice are dungeons: the addition of these dungeons has altered the traditional viewpoint of the camera, and in this recent version, you will be able to explore in a 3D vision and 3rd person perspective. You will also come across different chests that will be hiding money as well as other unique items and treasure. On the way to your exploration, you will also encounter enemies.

Once you see an enemy and attempt to fight it, you will have two options: the first one is that you will be able to fight the enemy individually like a mini-game, and the second one is that your squad will also be able to join the fight so you don’t necessarily have to fight single-handedly. But there is an extra possibility here which entails the lowering of the power of the opposite class: for instance, you can decrease the power of your enemy by fighting in the dungeon before the mission starts. On the other hand, the enemy can do the same to you.

There are two protagonists in the game, and instead of fighting only with one protagonist, you can use both. As these are two different protagonists, the mindset of both of these as well as their approach to handling different situations will be different. For instance, when sent on a mission to defend the country, both of them will use different approaches. So as you play on, you indulge in two different stories. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to play a sharp interval in one story or a stretched period of time before moving to the other one. The game also features full voice acting.

Apart from these two main changes mentioned above, there are two other changes as well, and “these changes might get attraction from some part of the gaming community while repulsion from the others depending on the favorable position,” says Robert Smith, a game developer at Game Period. These two changes are as follows: in the previous version, the arches weren’t able to attack from one tile away, but in this latest version, they are, giving you the capability to be more aggressive than ever. In a similar manner, the health of mages can now be expanded especially for casting spells, which calls your attention to make use of these characters paying more attention than ever.

When asked about the weapon durability, the reply of Nintendo wasn’t straightforward, however, it can be noted that there aren’t any chances of weapon durability making its way back. Like the previous versions, this new version of the game doesn’t support any battle support system. You will also miss the traditional weapon triangle because it’s not given a place in the game. However, it was confirmed by the company that once you play the game, you will find many effective ways which will give you strategy and advantage in battles.

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