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After countless of late nights, I can now safely say: "The Sludgecreeper can do most things it should be able to, with a few small features to be added!"

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It has been quite a while since the last update, but the code for the Sludgecreeper is now finally coming together!

Mind you, there's still a lot more features to be added, however the biggest feature of the game has made an entrance and is here to stay. The status of following things on the progress tracker page have been changed from "Work in Progress" to "Done"

  • Sludgecreeper, respawning on the edge of Sludge Creep after it has been left alone for a while (spawning from spore)
  • Sludgecreeper, despawning if it comes in contact with another Sludge Creep edge

What does this mean for the progress on the game you ask? Let's just say that with the biggest and meanest coding/scripting work out of the way, I can now focus on getting more features, enemies and of course the much needed artwork into the game. The code still needs some tweaking, but at least the Sludgecreeper and Sludge Creep are quite a force to be reckoned with as of now!

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