Post news RSS Finally! A way for me to get Microminer some attention.

I have been using to populate Microminer for the past month, and it feels nice to have a solid way to keep up to date with the help of indiedb. Be sure to check up on the game's progress these next coming weeks. I have a ton of idea's waiting to be implemented into the game.

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Recent updates (4/26/11):

  1. Added a health system.
  2. Yet again, fixed creeper issues.
  3. Added a new way to discover caves with dynamite.
  4. Added a game over overlay.
  5. Added God Mode to keep playing.
  6. Saves now keep the health record.
  7. Added controls setting.
  8. Fixed falling through bed rock after dynamite.
  9. Fixed the health system inaccuracy.
  10. Added a health regen feature.
  11. Health takes about 6 seconds to start adding. After 6 seconds the healing then increases to 1 heart per second. This should stop people from jumping off cliffs rapidly, yet give them a second chance to revive.
  12. Changed the 1 heart per second to 2 seconds.
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