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Ultimate Space Commando v1.0.1.1 is now available on multiple platforms, including Steam!

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The time has finally come! Ultimate Space Commando v1.0 is now available on Steam, IndieGameStand and Desura! The game is now complete with its Campaign mode and with a lot of enhanced features!

Below you can find the list of the most important changes from Beta 3 (v0.9.5.0) to v1.0.1.1 regarding general gameplay rules, functions and the engine. You might want to read it if you've already played the game.

Please note that this list does not include changes/additions to the Campaign mode, on which we've worked really, really hard. It has a pletora of new or enhanced functions and more than 30 missions with story elements, scripts, project management options, additional lore, etc. Once the game is released, future changes to the v1.0 Campaign will be naturally documented.

USC v0.9.5.0 to v1.0.1.1 CHANGE LOG


- PvE: marines now have 25+Reaction*0.75 % chance to interrupt an alien's movement with ranged defense fire.
- Even more tools (screwdrivers/wirecutters) can now be acquired in "Planet surface" Single Missions (+25% drop chance).
- There is now a chance to find additional Rubber Duckies on standard (no surface, no mines) Single Mission maps in equipment crates.
- Being tranquilized will now also affect object push/pull actions. It also fixes a rare glitch with -1 APs remaining.
- No Wunderwurmz will now show up if player didn't select the Wunderwurm option in Single Mission mode, irrespective of difficulty level.
- Lockdown delay is now 3 seconds in Circuit Cracking mode. This should be enough for a reaction if one knows what they're doing.
- The chance of continuous/restarting burning of Commandos has been halved (25% now).
- All medikits now put out burning of target unit. Complex medikits now also lower rads by a base rate of 25 (50 with 100% skill).
- You can now use a medikit for non-damaged units in case they have other issues the medikit can help.
- Disassembling blueprints will now always yield extra screws (amount based on proto level).
- Lowered the Credit cost of a few general gadgets.
- No more rad splash to under objects.
- Tweaked Laser scorcher (mainly increased ArP) to be more in line with other weapons of its price range.
- Slightly decreased flare efficiency.
- Turrets will no longer gain extra APs based on critical reaction hit.
- Armor Repairs now also decrease corrosion by 25.
- There is now 1 Nest Guardian in Single Missions on Ultimate difficulty and for each 'deadly' alien player.


- Online in-game news / "Tip of the Day" system (optional). This will also serve as a hub for future weekly/monthly challenges; details later.
- Added the whole new ENVIRONMENTAL AMBIENT system.
- Added all new ALIEN FOOTSTEP sounds!
- Added numeric display of stimulants to ATAC shortcuts if there are more than 3.
- Added Load Campaign dialog as an alternative to standard ID-based resume.
- Added all 16 new portraits & fully re-enabled portrait system and functions.
- Added display resolution auto-detection for first run.
- Added "skip tutorial", "drill mode" and "hardcore" options to Campaign creation.
- Added remastered rank badge images.
- Added new ambient tracks as Main Menu music.
- Added optional friendly health bars.
- Added toggleable squad info overlay.
- Enhanced the Circuit Cracker sound experience.
- Enhanced mouse click handle mechanism: you can hold down button to navigate the minimap, and can pull off the mouse to belay an order.
- Enhanced the accessibility mode (also added a notice).
- Enhanced Main Menu (and team screen) background dynamics: added glowing stars, lightning storms.
- Enhanced IP-address lookup when creating a network game.
- A backup of the last squad is now saved when going back in Single Mission/DTB Squad Assembly.
- Network dialog will now remember last IP, password and player name.
- Selecting a new movement target will now deselect the current item (if any).
- Floating message "Missed!" is now displayed as "Miss!" for a better aesthetics.
- New monster: Nest Guardian. Extreme Armor, knockback, rad attack, lays big eggs, more APs, bleeds rads, unique graphics.
- Turret ID is now shown in inventory (mousehover info).
- Now using custom font files from game directory.


- Fixed scanner marker being always visible in cases when 6+ marines had the unit in sight even without scanning.
- Fixed item selection marker remaining after putting down an item.
- Fixed hover info bar sometimes displaying silly things for special eggs.
- Fixed an Action Points related problem/negative overflow in some cases when pushing/pulling a crate while being cloaked.
- Fixed item descriptions to match latest data.
- Fixed a rare "phantom monster haunt" bug.
- Fixed Laser scorcher's "Tranquilize" mode being selectable (not usable!) without a mod.
- Fixed alien attack (and some other) sounds restarting instead of continuing/stacking with each other.
- Fixed/enhanced some minor interface issues/features.
- Fixed kerosene over-stacking when picking up from barrel over 90.
- Fixed a graphical glitch where the general light level would erratically change when a champion monster is on/not on the screen.
- Fixed a minimap display related glitch.
- Fixed the occassional "black flash" glitch of the Main Menu background.
- Fixed new menu music not turning off when music volume set to 0.
- Fixed CC usage with 100 ET not costing any APs.
- Fixed Main Menu music volume.
- Fixed a music related memory leak.
- Fixed being able to create a Campaign without an ID, resulting in corrupted saves.
- Fixed several cases of music volume inconsistency.
- Fixed some core networking functions (map data distribution to clients).
- Fixed a minor graphical glitch with the enemy health bar regarding sight data.
- Fixed health bars 'flickering' when the unit is moving.
- Fixed map info bar not displaying integrity data for closed doors with an item under them.
- Fixed mouse click behavior on the personal data (skills) panel.
- Fixed a TCP/IP tunnel overloading crash in Network mode when re-building sight data.
- Fixed an AI movement lockup related to idle walking.
- Fixed unit duplication when spawning from sewers.
- Fixed movement arrows overlapping pick-up highlights, rendering them unusable.
- Fixed save reloads and mission time discrepancy in Network debriefing.
- Fixed usable items being highlighted while attacking.
- Fixed chat window graphics (minor).
- Fixed squad selector in Network mode acting graphically weird for the client(s).
- Fixed Network debriefing screen & end mission functions.
- Fixed AI not always using all available APs.
- Fixed AI unit action loss when receiving opportunity fire.
- Fixed AI turn progress display (should be 100% accurate now).
- Fixed evasive warbreds jumping when taking damage from self-movement (onto fire, etc).
- Fixed pickupable crystals placement onto wall lights.
- Fixed turrets sometimes not being visible under the AI turn.
- Fixed a serious bug with re-deployed turrets' ownership.
- Fixed a bug in DTB Hall of Fame system.
- Fixed a bug in music & ambient control system with fade-outs.
- Fixed ESC invoking exit game dialog instead returning to Main Menu if pressed on DTB game setup screen.
- Fixed currentsession folders not being cleared.

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