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So I'm on the final stretch to Alpha and i'm having one last call for testers!

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As you probably know I am planning on hitting alpha around Christmas time. Hopefully somewhere around the start of December but there’s lots of work left to do yet so we’ll see. I’m working my ass off but I’ve give release dates before and missed them (very busy with Uni and work) so no promises! It may run into 2014!

Anyway, to the point of this article; I’m after more testers. I currently have a group of 12 who (whom?) are awesome however I’d like more! In order to stand a chance of hitting the release dates I would like I am being very pro-active with testing. This pretty much means I’d like to test the thing as quick as I build it as opposed to doing all my testing at the end. In order to do this efficiently id like the biggest team I can get.

If you’re interested in being a part of this group then just drop me a message and I’ll get you invited. I also advise all my testers follow me on Twitter (@greeny_games) as I’m on there the most and post updates regularly.

Thanks guys/gals!

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