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Comprehensive list of ULE2P files which are dependent on the full patch being installe

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In general, you can build on the files in this mod and ship them in your own mods without setting the Unofficial LE2 Patch as a requirement. Whatever fixes are in those files will just be included as part of your mod. The following files are exceptions. If you are building on these files, you will need to choose one of the following approaches:

(1) set the Unofficial LE2 Patch as a requirement for your mod.
(2) patch in the traditional manner and ship two versions of these files - one for non-ULE2P users and one for ULE2P users.

LOC_* refers to all localised files (LOC_DEU, LOC_FRA, LOC_INT, LOC_ITA and LOC_POL). The reason for the dependency is listed in square brackets. Overriding most of these files without a compatibility patch will usually result in a loss of bugfixes but should not create new bugs. Overriding files where the dependency is listed as [other patch files] may lead to new bugs.

Here is the list of files:

BioA_EndGm1 [.tfc]
BioA_EndGm1_100 [.tfc]
BioA_EndGm2_201Factory [.tfc]
BioA_EndGm2_301LongWalk [.tfc]
BioA_Nor_200 [.tfc]
BioA_Nor_230 [.tfc]
BioA_OmgHub [other patch files]
BioA_OmgHub300_barone [other patch files]
BioA_OmgHub400_barhall [other patch files]
BioA_OmgHub500_bartwo [.tfc] [other patch files]
BioA_OmgHub600_alleyway [other patch files]
BioA_OmgHub800_Marketplace [other patch files]
BioA_ProCer_350 [.tfc]
BioA_ProFre_500IlluMan [.tfc]
BioA_ProFre_501Reveal [.tfc]
BioA_ProNor [.tfc]
BioA_ProNor_100 [.tfc]
BioA_RprGtA_300 [other patch files]
BioA_ShpCr2_505Escape01 [other patch files]
BioA_ShpCr2_510Escape02 [other patch files]
BioA_ShpCr2_530Escape03 [other patch files]
BioA_TwrHub_MainFloor100 [.tfc]
BioD_Arvlvl3_220 [other patch files]
BioD_CitAsL [.tfc]
BioD_CitAsL_240ClosedMarket [.tfc]
BioD_CitGrL_300MeetTheMole [.tfc]
BioD_CitHub_200MainRoom_LOC_* [Conditional]
BioD_CitHub_310Lounge [.tfc]
BioD_EndGm1_115IllusiveConv_LOC* [.afc]
BioD_EndGm1_230Oculus02 [other patch files]
BioD_EndGm1_240Cutscenes [other patch files]
BioD_EndGm1_240Cutscenes_LOC_* [other patch files]
BioD_EndGm2_200Factory [*tfc]
BioD_EndGm2_430FinalDecision [.tfc]
BioD_EndGm2_430FinalDecision_LOC* [.afc]
BioD_Exp1Lvl1_100Apartment [.tfc]
BioD_Exp1Lvl1_200Leadup [.tfc]
BioD_Exp1Lvl2_200Parking [.afc]
BioD_Exp1Lvl2_200Parking_LOC* [.afc]
BioD_Exp1Lvl2_220Enemies [.afc]
BioD_Exp1Lvl2_400Bossfight [.afc]
BioD_Exp1Lvl2_400Bossfight_LOC* [.afc]
BioD_Exp1Lvl2_410Hostage_LOC* [.afc]
BioD_Exp1Lvl2_410Hostage [.afc]
BioD_Exp1Lvl4_Stage1 [.afc]
BioD_Exp1Lvl4_Stage1_1 [.afc[
BioD_Exp1Lvl4_Stage1_2 [.afc]
BioD_Exp1Lvl4_Stage2_LOC* [.afc]
BioD_Exp1Lvl4_Stage3_LOC* [.afc]
BioD_Exp1Lvl4_Stage2 [.afc]
BioD_Exp1Lvl4_Stage3 [.afc]
BioD_HorCr1_201Village_A [.tfc]
BioD_JunCvL_204MainCell .tfc]
BioD_KroPrL_275trans [.tfc]
BioD_N7NorCrash [*.tfc]
BioD_Nor_104aCommIM_LOC* [.afc]
BioD_Nor_121DebriefCR2_LOC* [.afc]
BioD_Nor_110DebriefLeadVixen_LOC* [.afc]
BioD_Nor_250Henchmen_LOC_* [.afc]
BioD_Nor_350Henchmen [other patch files]
BioD_OmgGrA_108WorkRoom [other patch files]
BioD_OmgGrA_203Wave3_LOC_* [.afc]
BioD_OmgHub [other patch files]
BioD_OmgHub_100Dock [other patch files]
BioD_OmgHub_210DenEntrance [other patch files]
BioD_OmgHub_220DenBar [.tfc] [other patch files]
BioD_OmgHub_230DenDance [other patch files]
BioD_OmgHub_240DenHall [other patch files]
BioD_OmgHub_400Alley [other patch files]
BioD_OmgHub_450Market [other patch files]
BioD_OmgPrA_103Apartment5 [.tfc]
BioD_ProFre_500Warhouse [.tfc]
BioD_ProFre_501Veetor_LOC* [.afc]
BioD_Procer_350BriefRoom_LOC* [.afc]
BioD_PtyMtL_330RoadB [.tfc]
BioD_PtyMtL_510CDResolution [.tfc]
BioD_RprGtA_420CoreBattle [other patch files]
BioD_TwrVxL_201InitialCombat [other patch files]
BioD_TwrVxL_204MazeCombat02 [other patch files]
BioD_TwrVxL_206MazeCombat04 [other patch files]
BioD_Unc1Base2_00Narrative [.tfc]
BioD_Unc1Base2_00Narrative_LOC_* [.afc]
BioD_Unc1Base3_100Entrance_LOC_* [.afc]
BioD_Unc1Base4_110Hanger_LOC_* [.afc]
BioD_Unc1Explore [.tfc]
BioD_ZyaVTL_150Jungle [.tfc]
BioP_BchLmL [.tfc]
BioP_EndGm3_LOC_* [.afc]
BioP_Exp1Lvl1 [.afc]
BioP_Exp1Lvl1_LOC* [.afc] [note: file does not exist in vanilla]
BioP_Exp1Lvl3_LOC* [.afc]
BioP_Exp1Lvl4_LOC* [.afc]
BioP_Exp1Lvl2 [.afc]
BioP_Exp1Lvl3 [.afc]
BioP_Exp1Lvl4 [.afc]
BioP_N7Mmnt8 [other patch files]
BioP_N7NorCrash [.tfc]
BioP_OmgHub [.tfc]
BioP_ProCer [.tfc]
BioP_PtyMtL [other patch files]
BioP_RprGtA [.tfc]
BioP_ShpCr2 [.tfc]
BioP_TwrVxL [.tfc]
BioP_Unc1Base1 [.tfc]
BioP_Unc1Base4 [.tfc]

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