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Fesnia is the 5th game and genre breaker of Team Syukino. It is the first non RPG released title and will be coming to steam on July 2nd!

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Two Mages; Orbi and Jole, must fight their way through dangerous lands and end up on the other side in one piece. Will you be able to guide them to safety?

Fesnia is a platformer in which you play as either Orbi or Jole and fight your way through 11 exciting levels filled with monsters, puzzles, traps and more!
Keep in mind that Fesnia contains little story and the cracks can be filled by the player's imagination.


-11 Fun-Filled Levels
-Amazing Soundtrack
-Multiple enemies and traps to fight and avoid.
-The ability to jump and attack back with magical abilities.

-How to play-

-WASD keys for movement.
-Double Tap W key for jump.
-Left Click to attack.

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