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Today was our turn in for fender bender beta. We are very enthusiastic and excited about how this build turned out!

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Differences between alpha and beta
1. 3 new powerups
Wrecking Ball
Ice Missile
2. Passive Abilities per car
Gramps = Instant Respawn
Rose = Faster Rate of Fire and Better Homing Rockets
Wrench = Health Gain Per Kill
Sam = Bigger Ammo Capacity
3. Specular Lighting
4. Pickups Attract to the player
5. Keep Away Mode
Gather the golden boltnut of glory and hold it the longest to win
6. Smash N Grab Mode
Grab as many nuts and bolts as you can by blowing up the other vehicles
7. Visual Effects
8. 2, 3, 4 Player mode is stable to play with Xbox Controllers
9. Z-Sorting is fixed
10. Updated Menu's
11. And anything else i can't think of at the moment!
HAVE FUN, you can download the beta release under the downloads section!

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