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Feel the snow is an Action-adventure game with a simple storyline, dynamic fighting system, elements of Sandbox, RPG and Survival.

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Game features


Feel the snow is an Action-adventure game with a simple storyline, dynamic fighting system, elements of Sandbox, RPG and Survival.

The first feature of the game is the presence of the storyline. Surviving is not the only purpose you have now. You'll move on! Explore this unique world, meet new friends, fight enemies and solve daunting tasks.

The second feature is a dynamic fighting system. Most games are focused on surviving, disregarding complexed and exciting fighting system, but Feel The Snow's battles will not get you bored! Cause you will have various types of weapons and a great variety of skills and magic. You will have an opportunity to dodge hits in different ways as well as to block them.

The third feature is the elements of Sandbox. You can not only build a wall to protect your territory, but also a cozy house of your dreams, as well as to protect it from your enemies, using weapons that you can make with the help of the rich crafting system.

Game Characters

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You can select characters, the main two characters are Annie and Willie, cute and friendly snow creatures, which feel quite comfortable in extreme winter climate and enjoy the occasional meal, but at the same time respond poorly to a warm temperature and environment we are used to.
Besides the two main characters, there are hidden characters, which you will open while walking through the game and performing various tasks. Each character has its own interesting features - both positive and negative.

Home village


In the history of the world, which we'll tell you later, the village you live in is completely destroyed, but it is you who have to rebuild his home village. Walking through the game you will grow a colorful village with residents who will be happy to help you.

Game World


The game world is a generated location, made in a nice isometric pixel art in the style of a number of different biomes, and objects such as trees, rocks, chests, monsters, caches, etc. Generation of the world and objects will color the game, every new passage is a new adventure, new meetings and exciting situations.
Biomes in the game world will vary globally. The further you get, the more interesting and unusual will be the world around you. You will need to have groceries, clothing, and perhaps a variety of tools in store, since it's not so easy to survive when everything around you is mechanical or simply dead.

–°hanging time of day


System of changing the time of day also brings its atmosphere. Somewhere it's getting colder at night, somewhere there are terrible monsters which give the traveler no rest by the fire, and early in the morning you can find unusual and rare creatures.


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