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Ill let you know how long it took me to make this and would you please give me some feedback.

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Would you please give me some feedback and tell me what you think. I am going to make a second version but I am not starting it right now, because im kinda tired and need rest. But there will be a second version and I put alot of hard work into this mod.

To make and texture allenby suit it took me 4-5hours.
To texture rains suit it took me 4-6 hours.
To make and texture schwarz's suit it took me 1-2hours including the mask(which I had to resize to make sure the face didnt stick out of the mask)
To texture various other suits george de sands, argos, dg clothing etc.
So in total it took me over 24hours in full concentrated time without distractions or messing around on the internet to make the mod and get it to where it is so I guess you can know how long it takes to make a mod even though it may not look like much.


Dude i know what it takes to work on a mod, just remember at the end of the day even if there is little interest in your mod you'll still have what you've created: a game that you will enjoy playing just the way you want it. It took me hours to model when I first started but after the first 20 I could do them in bought 30 minutes, you get faster with each one as you work out the bugs. I would still love to see the gundamn suits in your mod it will add that extra dimention to the battlefield. I know you were saying how hard it would be, but I made myself a little Mech Warrior mod which had laser/missile combat, cool toad suits(powered body armor) & mini scale Mechs ;) They were just oversized custom armor but they look great. Try it just Make the Gundamn suit as armor pieces see how they look in game if you like what you see try scaling them up till they don't seam to look right. Believe me its worth the effort soon you'll be in testing & you'll arrive on a battlefield see two gundamn suits in the enemy ranks,(oh crap you say to yourself) then you equip a light sword & all bets are off.

I try to mess with what is & is not possible on Mount&Blade modding you'll often find you surprise yourself with new ideas of the wierd & wonderful. If not at least you can say your getting experience.

Best of luck though & remember if you enjoy your work so will others.

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