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A quick overview of the features currenlty includet and planned.

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Current features

  • Intervention from Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 2 iplemented (Thanks to Sanya)
  • Roundwinning Killcam Scripted, Supports slowmotion
  • You are free to set up needet kills for the killstreak. (0=Disabled)
  • 24 Shots of Pistol for killstreak , 40 Shots for Dragunov for killstreak.
  • Anticamp system
  • No Hardscoping (3 Different systems Possible)
  • No CNRS noobing (NoScoping is not allowed)
  • 1 shot - 1 kill!
  • No knive damage, since it is a "Sniper Only" Mod

Planned features

  • New Killstreaks
  • New Musics
  • New Classmenu (So old weapons are not visible any more)
  • Custom timed anticamp/antihardscope system (Will be changeable in the config)
  • Fixing bugs, if they occuor
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