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This is some of the features that I want to implement in to the Mod, If have any other suggestions just comment below.

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Command individual troops

An idea I got form ozzys Clone war mod, all troops will come in platoons. Within a normal infantry platoons, you will have a lieutenant and sergeant units and in some, medics. The Lieutenant and sergeant units will provide a small health bonus and slightly increase the range of all troops. Medics will have a healing ability and heals soldiers during the Battle and can still fight. Just summing up ALL TROOPS can be individually selected.

Jedi ,Sith and the NightSisters

As you all know from looking unit list, both the sith and the jedi are back, and the CC alternative - the nightsisters. They all act Field and Fleet Commanders and are deadly in Battle by deflecting almost all
Blaster fire directed at them (best use vehicles to kill them or heck load of troops). There is a drawback though; for starters the structures that are used to recruit them cost a lot to set up. Second of all they are not cheap and take a while to train ( the night sisters are cheaper and take less time to recruit though, but are easier to kill). The Standard Jedi abilities will be Force Heal and Mind trick. Standard Sith ability's will be Force Crush and Lightning and the Nightsisters traits will be
sprint and drain life. All three of these units have Galactic Stealth. Jedi Padawan's units will have only the Sprint ability and Sith apprentice's will have the same ability. Jedi and Padawan teams will attached to Flagships or in a Shuttle, the same goes to Sith Master and Apprentice teams. The Apprentice units will be easier to kill.

Infantry only Maps

Certain Maps will only allow infantry on them, due to the being space stations like the Wheel or important Centres for example the Rishi Station, the Mount Tantiss Storehouse on Wayland and the Polis Massa base.

Increased Population Cap

The Population Cap for space is being raised to 55 for all Sides and for Land Battles to 20.

Planet Position and Cannon Trade Routes

Cannon Planet Positioning and canon trade routes will be implemented to the best we can using the Vanilla layout and in two of the main GC's there will be cannon trade routes.

Tech Levels
In the Vanilla Empire at War, the Empire advanced by building a Research Station, and then buying the Tech Upgrade, the Rebels Stole they units one by one and The Zann contorium got there abilities on the black market. in this mod, The New Republic's Droid due have been spit up, and so they can't steal any more. Instead they advance by Conquering Certain planets based on the cannon and Fannon events, these are Rothana ( upgrade to Tech 2) Brentaal (Tech 3) Coruscant (Tech 4) Bilbringi (Tech 5). the Empire Advance by Buying there upgrades as per normal and The Criminal Confederacy advance by doing certain missions on the planets Coruscent, Kuat, Mon Calamari and Kamino to advance in Tech (these will be one off missions that will require certain CC Heroes and unlike corruption will not effect the planet in any way and cannot be undone).
Higher Planetary Incomes
All planets will Have a Slight increase in incomes, but planets like Bespin and Coruscent will have a major increase in their Planetary incomes.

Raiding Party's
Not a New Feature in Empire at War, I was thinking we could what Republic at War did. Only Specs forces can sneck past enermy fleets ,these are the list of Heroes and units that sneak though Fleets
Jedi, Sith, Nightsister units and Heroes
Han Solo, Chewbacca, leia and C3PO
Lando Calrissian
Boba Fett
Ashoka and Rex
Galen Marek and Juno Eclipse
Rahm Kotos Milita
Torrent Company
New Republic Spec Forces
Rail - Class Arc Troopers

The Hand Of Judgement
Lightning Squadron
Nova Trooper Platoon
Storm Commandos
Noghri Assassins

Hondo Ohnaka
Tyber Zann and Uria Fenn
Teti Viba
N-K Necrosis
Death Watch Commando
Trandosian Gunner
Twi'lek Assassin
B1 Rapid Fire Sniper BattleDriod
Manga guards

Only these Units are able to a start a Land Battle, only a certain Number of units can participate in a raiding battle.


Wow 100 that will lag so so so much for most computers maybe 50 max :) ans the others sound good.

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