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I've never wrote a single article since the release of this mod page, only posted screenshots and sometimes videos, so... here it is.

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Hello guys! In this news article i want to tell you about some features which will be included in this mod, and also show you some screenshots, maybe also talk about some of my future projects i've planned already.


Sometimes walking around map you will find a locked door, some of them CANNOT be opened, and some of them CAN be opened, they will lead you to a specific room which contains random loot. The only thing you need to do is try to find a key or a lockpick. I know i know it's not very original, but i'm not a talented mapper and i don't know any better ideas.


If you want to waste some of your time and explore the map, you can find weapons which you should normally receive sooner, but i thought it would be more interesting if you could get them earlier.

NPC'S Interaction with the player.

On some future levels you will have a loyal companion which will be helping you progress, and do not worry! I will not (probably) make stupid "escort and protect" missions or something.

HDR Lighting

Some maps will be compiled using HDR, so lighting will look better and softer.


I'm gonna be honest, facial expressions in Unique Consequences 1 and 2 sucked, so i've been training my faceposer skills and read tons of information about hlfaceposer, so facial animations should look better and smoother.


First of all - i want to finish Tolik's Adventures, and i do not even know if i have enough patience to finish it because i still have ALOT of work to do. I'm thinking about remaking Unique Consequences 1 and finally developing a proper sequel to it. Unique Consequences 2 was really terrible on my opinion, so i'm glad i didn't even finished it.


CAFE "BALTIC" (INSIDE) - Outdated, status - reworking.

BONFIRE - Outdated, status - reworking.

CAFE "BALTIC" (OUTSIDE) - Outdated, status - reworking.

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