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Features that are now being looked into, and a new promo!

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Features, Creatures, and well...

These are Features that i am now looking into:

New Melee.

This would replace the crowbar, and, i'm thinking of ideas. I believe the one that i want to go with is a giant 24 inch spanner lol. Imagine whacking a zombie with a spanner.

New Suit.

A New Suit is something i'm looking into. Perhaps a blend of the HEV Suit and HECU Marine Outfit? I'm also thinking of definitely giving it a power source, where if you lose all power, you cannot sprint or turn on the flashlight. Viewmodels will be an interesting thing...

New Puzzle Mechanics.

Something diverse and interesting. Like, physics based or electricity. Electricicty will be more of a Chapter 3 Thing i'll say... And Physics based will try to be an all game thing.

New Promo.

I've made a new promo! Check it out here!

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