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Fawar is horror post apocaliptic game with rpg elements. We are working very hard in this, putting a lot of effort, all to give you a great game. We will put the game in greenlight and kickstarter. The game is planned to be released in android and PC sooner than you expect! Stay tuned!

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Hello, guys! We are Qugen, we are a group of indie developers, and we are making fawar! After almost a year of work, we have now something solid to show to the public a little of what the game will be. The game will be in an open world where you will have to survive the horror of the wasteland, a place where nobody is your friend, except you.

Want to talk? Want to help? Or you just want to rip them out this world! Make them explode! Fight fiercely! Choose your destiny!

A lot of races are in Fawar, one of them are the Z´trulhus, creatures that came from anothe dimension! What they are looking? Nobody knows! We have vampires, robots, undeads and many others! Choose your race and your own lineage! Fight for What you believe!

Such is life in wasteland! We plan to released Fawar sooner than you expect! Please, support us! Kickstarter and Greenlight are in our plans! Thank you and Stay tuned! Follow us in twitter!

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