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Announcing the new Archon like game, Fatal Wars 2. Plans for the near and far future, and asking you what you think should be the price.

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"Fatal Wars 2" is a game inspired by Archon. My current goal is to finish the "classic" mode with support for both local and on-line multiplayer.

"Classic" mode plays very similar to the original Archon. After reaching this goal, I intend to make pre-orders available.

The next goal(s) will be to do single player(computer AI), the "Renaissance" mode and maybe more modes with more than 2 players. In the "Renaissance" mode, units will have more than one ability and different abilities than in the "Classic" mode.

But... how this game actually plays? I suddenly realized not everyone are familiar with Archon.

The game has two parts. The strategy chess like board, with two opposing armies. In the board you move one unit a turn, much like in a chess game. However, once a unit goes on an enemy unit in the board, the enemy piece is not removed automatically. Instead, a battle screens opens and the two units battle out in action oriented manner(the second part). Either one of the pieces might be remove.

The Fatal Wars 2 board as of 2011.9.23

Now I would like to hear your opinions. And I will break the ice by asking a simple poll question.
What should be the preorder\alpha price?

1) Free
2) Pay What You Want
3) 1$
4) 6$
5) 12$
6) 20$
7) Other

Kamikazi[Uk] - - 1,412 comments

Personally from those screenshots i would say free. I don't really pay alot for indie games anyway normally if i do want a indie game i wait till it's below 9$ish and it needs to keep me entertained for a little while :D.

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PompiPompi Author
PompiPompi - - 115 comments

Yea, the artwork is simple. And I might improve it later on. But I wish people would pay for games not based on artwork but rather based on value. I think this game might provide tons of fun gameplay. Maybe not as complex as some AAA open world RPG, but still it would be worth your money. If I pull it properly.
But maybe you are right and I shouldn't charge much or at all for this game. I would like to hear more...

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sabor312 - - 25 comments

I think it would be cool if you won, you would get in game money and with that you could buy different pieces each with there own stats

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PompiPompi Author
PompiPompi - - 115 comments

Hey, that's an excellent idea! Thanks!

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