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Fat Fat Princess is a funny damaku game. Features -A new control mode. -Play in your time confetti. -A lovely theme.

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Fat Fat Princess is a funny damaku game. AS the princess will always in the middle of two maidservants, control two maidservants by your fingers to move the princess to dodge the buns. The princess will be thinner and thinner as she keeps walking, and she will be fatter and fatter as she ate the buns. When the princess is overweight, the game is over.


  • A new control mode. Control two maidservants which in two sides of the monitor to move the princess instead of control the princess directly, so that the game zone will not covered by your fingers.
  • Play in your time confetti. It is only about 30 - 60 seconds a game and you can started or paused the game easily. You will not waste your time on clicking buttons or waiting for the scene jumping, as you just need to tap two maidservants to start or resume the game and leave your fingers from the monitor to pause the game.
  • A lovely theme. Instead of airplanes and bullets, this game uses the princess and buns. In this game, you will feel more relax than the other damaku game. It will be funny when the princess changing her shape.

Fat Fat Princess($1.00) is available for sale now at the App Store, you can read more about it at my website.

Please fell free to contact me if you have any questions about the game, or if you’d like a promo code for review. you can send me an email at Thank you in advance for considering my app for review.

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