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A secret organization attacking the empire and making an attempt on your live. But who are the members? Your family? Discover who betrayed you and save the world from an uprising evil.

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Story Trailer - Farathan RPG - UE4

So we are 89 days from premiere and 17 days away from our demo on Steam Next Festival - which will be also a late beta test for the game. So if you want to contribute - be sure to wishlist us on steam to not miss the demo.

It will be avaible only during the festival (1-7 Ocotber).

Let me show you some screens from the old version of the trailer, just to demonstrate how much progress we made in the last 6 months. First the old trailer screens - than the new one.

Nistreth old

Nistreth min2

And again


Zrzut ekranu 2021 08 15 173522

So! Brace for the everyweek updates from now on!

Have a nice day

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