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From Dec 2 - 5, pay what you want for 'Fancy Skulls' with beat-the-average bonuses. 10% of all sales will go to Charity Water.

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The featured game for Dec 2 - 5 is here! Get it now!

Feature Details:

Game: Fancy Skulls
Developer: tequibo
Featured Charity: Charity Water

10% of all sales generated by this deal will go to the featured charity.

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux
DRM & Distribution: DRM-Free, Steam Greenlight
Controller Support: No

Game Description

It's a FPS with random generation, permadeath and distinct art style inspired by abstract expressionism where you defeat enemies using your skill, precision and caution. You play as an immortal creature who tries to escape capture from a collection where said creature is the main treasure.

In one playtrough you find a mortar. Then you find an eye that lets you slow time. So you slow down time and shoot a few grenades, when time is back to normal there are few explosions and enemies are in pieces. Then you mod your mortar to shoot 4 grenades at once.

Another run - you find a ray gun, you upgrade it to not spend energy if you’re not touching the ground. Later you find an eye that can transmute items, so if you found coins you can try turning them into ammo or a health pickup. Then you get lucky and find a kite that allows you to fly.

Beat the average and get:

  • Behind the scenes files: concept art, early builds, promo art, etc
  • "Box Life", short first person metroidvania, for Windows, Mac, and Linux

Top Contributors:

  • The top three contributors will receive an exclusive IndieGameStand T-shirt!
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