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The Fanatics Unit Profile. Credits to Starfox100 and TheFinnishGuy for helping with the vid. Enjoy

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Designation: Suicide Infantry
Affiliation: Nod
Role: Anti- ground
Armament: Tiberium Based Explosives
Type: Suicide Unit
Speed: Medium


The Brotherhood of Nod revealed its existence to the world in 1995 as a terrorist organisation by making suicide attacks and terrorist acts. By the Second Tiberium War, that part of the Brotherhood was lost to the huge millitary power it had gained. With the defeat on TW2, many Nod Commanders reconsidered terrorist acts and suicide units due to their current lack of a strong millitary. The Brotherhood had many fanatical believers who said that they would give their lives for Kane and Nod. The Nod warlords took advantage of it, and armed the volunteers with explosives, and a new generation of Nod terrorist acts had started.

The Black Hand, as the strongest of the splinter cells, had continued many Nod TW2 research projects, one of them was Tiberium- based explosives. Due to being very unstable, they were not used, but Marcion saw the opportunity and armed the Black Hand Fanatics with these explosives to deal more damage to the enemies. With Kane's rise in command of Nod, the renewed Nod military assimilated the Fanatics into its arsenal to destroy targets ordinary Nod soldiers were afraid of facing. By the time the war had turned to the Brotherhood's Tiberium infested territory, many of the Fanatics suffered from Tiberium illnesses, and usually died or trasformed into Visceroids before coming in contact with the target. As Kane saw that his Fanatics died extensively, and having in mind the next phase of his plan, he ordered that the Fanatics should go through controlled Tiberium mutation, to become faster and imune to any kind of Tiberium illness and Tiberium radiation. The Fanatics became more fearsome than before, and were the symbol of loyalty to all Nod soldiers across the globe.

"Commander, Nod has us pinned down, their militia are coming from everywhere! Can we have some Wolverine reinforcements sir? Thank you sir! Wolverines incoming! Take that Nod scum! **Transmition ends for 10 minutes** Commander, we captured some of those kamikaze Nod guys, looks like they are not braiwashed after all. What? Why should we get out of there? **Voice from the background**: H*ll, he's pushing the f*cking button, run for your **Explosion**
**End Transmition**"

--GDI Patrol 108, BZ1--

It Is Kane's Will
The Fanatics are, as their name says, fanatistic with Nod. They will blow up themselves or go for a 1 on 1 with a Vulcan Cannon without hesitating. They should be used in numbers in order to have good results. Some say that they were able to hear the Fanatics screaming Nod chants from their command hub, although that sounds impossible, as the Nod command hub is located 200 meters under the ground, and the GDI one 1000 meters over the surface of the ground.

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Nice profile. But on the video you should zoom it a bit and show them destroying some structure, like a Power Plant.

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Relifed - - 1,112 comments

hey this is the first not tiberium essence unitprofile

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good story, explains some gaps left by EA, but the video should show some more actions like Black/Brunez suggested.

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playmsbk Author
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yes, i am really sorry for that, i forgot that the fanatics have more than that. i actually forgot to add the scene of forced evolution at first, so, i had to do it alone.

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