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Right. Version 3 of Fairy Tale is here. This update introduces a lot of new features. Among other things, Fairy Tale has now been merged with BUG (BtS Unaltered Gameplay).

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Download the latest version of Fairy Tale right here on the mod's ModDB page. These are the updates introduced with version 3; the merge with BUG as well as introduction of diplomacy music for each nation being the most obvious.

*SaibotLieh gave me a new Princess. This one is exactly like the previous one, but wields a sword and is more proper as a Fairy Tale Princess. Check her out. She's hot!
*Reset the Map Script Creation. I did some stupid editing on it before. It now works as intended.
*Wrote names for all the Great Engineers.
*Created all buttons for the Dark Elves.
*Heightened costs for Fairy Tale Age techs.
*Added Tech Advanced Sea Warfare.
*Added unit Battleship which is available from Advanced Sea Warfare.
*Added unit Paladin accessible with Cavalry Tactics tech.
*Added Diplomacy Music for all the nations except Elchers and Dal.
*Elchers Diplomusic was changed from the Marseillaise. It's still Vanilla, but the Marseillaise just didn't fit Fairy Tale.
*Added the World Wonder "Eriana's Shrine" (Designed by Hrochland) available from Cavalry Tactics.
*Added the National Wonder "Fire Order" (also designed by Hrochland).
*Gave the Denereans a good early ship, so they now have the option to explore the oceans early on as well, like the Vikings.
*Added two more leaders. One for The Principality and one for Namyr.
*Added the scenario "The Collective Rising".
*Merged Fairy Tale with BUG.

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