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Version 10 of Fairy Tale is here, just about a week before the release of Civ5. With this update we celebrate Civ4 as the great game it is by supplying masses of new material!

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Fairy Tale Version 10 is the largest update to date. This update introduces two new kingdoms, Angleeye and Vestalla. A lot of work has gone into getting rid of bugs and irritations, balancing the game and making it work better. Also, there is a whole new set of scenario maps for the player to try out. The Fairy Tale game world maps describe the history of the Known World from the beginning to the outbreak of the Great War between Good and Evil.

Fairy Tale 1 won't stop to be developed although Civ5 comes along in a few days. We will still continue to update and work on this mod and keep making it better. This, although I also plan a Fairy Tale 2 for Civilization 5. Now enjoy Version 10 of Fairy Tale.

Version 10 Pic2 Version 10 Pic1

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