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Civilization V is just days away. Here's what is going to happen to Fairy Tale as well.

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Civilization V is just a few days away now! Yay!

There will be a Fairy Tale 2 mod for Civilization V. This future mod will further develop the universe created with Fairy Tale 1 and it will be a stunner, just like this one. As usual, the point will not be to change the entire gameplay of the Civilization game, but rather, supply the player with an alternate gaming world and setting; the fairy tale slash fantasy cliché ideas will be implemented to the fullest in the future one as well.

The next generation of Fairy Tale will be made in cooperation with the Fairy Tale composer Zero-Project, who has already composed an entire new album, which I can also use in the game. His music this time around is based entirely on the Fairy Tale game and lore and you should all hear what he has come up with, because it's really genius game music! I am also already investigating different methods of creating leader portraits, for the Oblivion ones used in this old one won't do anymore.

Civilization V is released in Europe on September 24. I have taken a week off from work even. I will then get to know the new game and start investigating the modding tools supplied. Support and updates for Fairy Tale 1 will not end. No-no. I will continue to build this old mod as well, since it's not finished yet. Fairy Tale 2 will just be my other project.

Tyrranus - - 243 comments

Glad to hear this version wont die

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Antiscamp Author
Antiscamp - - 515 comments

Nope, it won't die. It ain't quite finished yet.

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senary - - 59 comments

and seems like it is dead, you lied xD

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