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This is a list of all the factions that will be present in the mod. Also the population list.

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This is the list of all the factions that will be present in the mod.

The Holy Britannian Empire
The Chinese Federation
The Euro Universe (Europe)
Black Knights
Area 11
Pizza Hut
Middle Eastern Federation

These are all the factions that will be playable, If anyone has any problems or questions about this or possibly wants to offer a suggestion please just comment and Ill listen. Later I will put up where the terrorities they will all control.

Population List (In Order of Size)

Chinese Federation 3 Billion 171 Million
Euro Universe 1 Billion 662 Million
Holy Britannian 1 Billion 20 Million
Middle East Federation 138 Million 782 Thousand
Area 11 126 Million 8 Thousand
Australia 18 Million 839 Thousand
Black Knights 2 Million 175 Thousand
Pizza Hut 297 Thousand

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