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In this article we will be talking about the 4 factions that will be appearing in BoBTech-Multiplayer.

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In BoBTech-Multiplayer the world is devided in 4 factions. Each faction controls a certain part of the world. We have:

  1. Stratos: who live high up in the air, and their leader is Darkglenn
  2. External: who live in space, and their leader is Speedlly
  3. Ground Forces: who live in the rubbles of the cities destroyed by war, and their leader is TheGangsta
  4. Nucleans: who live underground, and their leader is Sharki

Now we have a picture showing all the logo's as a banner.

Logo Banner
Which side will you be on?

We're als going to make some promotional banners for each faction individually... stay tuned!


4 teams? You must make this game very good if you want enough popularity for that. Good luck anyway.

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You have a point but we will try to solve that problem by adding more then 1 gamemode:
- team deatmatch (evry faction as a team)
- team deatmatch (external+stratos against ground force+nucleans)
- deatmatch (no teams)
- ...

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Darkglenn Author

got an idea to split up those 2:
-Factions Deathmatch
-Team Factions Deathmatch

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